Warm-Up Your Voice

Mrs. Propp’s Vocal Warm-Ups

Do these first, then choose a song from the Songlists or A Song For Today

(A little STRETCHING every day is good for you, too!)

  • Start by standing up, feet shoulder-width apart, both feet flat on the floor;
  • stretch both hands to the ceiling;
  • open your hands, close your hands;
  • take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out while bending down to touch your toes;
  • come up slowly counting to 8 and leading with the back of your neck
  • repeat stretch, breathe and bend;
  • put one hand flat on your belly (pinky in belly button and thumb pointing up so you can feel your muscles) and one hand flat on your back;
  • practice making “shoosh”-ing sounds (e.g. “sh! sh! sh-sh! sh!”)
  • try doing 3 siren sounds with your mouth in the shape of an “O” (pretend you are an ambulance or fire engine);
  • open your mouth as wide as you can;
  • show your teeth, lips and tongue;
  • try lip trills;
  • try tongue trills.
  • try singing scales (one note at a time going up and down) on “ee” and bouncing the notes.

NOW…Choose a song from the Songlists or A Song For Today

If you’re wondering why warm-ups are important, check out this website from INSPIRED TO SING

and these Vocal Straw Exercises from Ingo Titze

Coming soon:  an animated warm-up video!  (Want to help me make one??)

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